The Deputy Bowtie- Chocolate Center


100% hand made

100% Genuine leather

Adjustable for neck sizes from 10-20 inches

Our pride and joy. The second item Frenchies Anonymous proudly released in the Spring of 2017. Our hand made leather bowties are derived from our heritage of fashion and passion for staying unique. Our Frenchie bowtie heritage is actually the result of some of the earliest things we created by hand. Long before Frenchies Anonymous was born we designed and developed high fashion leather bowties for some of the best looking gentlemen in America. Our bowties were originally designed as a high-fashion item for Black tie and fashionable events. Our bowties were such a hit we decided to offer the same great quality in a slightly different design directly tailored for French Bulldogs. Each bowtie is carefully hand crafted and no two bowties are identical. They are hand cut, assembled and packaged 1 at a time.

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