Handmade Frenchie bikini Sleeve + MUG


100% handmade 100% hand stitched by us!

THE MUG: INCLUDED  A 16oz reusable BPA-Free coffee mug.

Our original taste for Frenchie fashion delivered in another hand-made product.


Lets face it, bikini’s have never been meant to cover up everything. This sleeve wasn’t either, We sought after the traditional half-height sleeve shape, but reinvented the material, the feel and the quality. 100% genuine suede with a smooth leather back to shed heat. This sleeve is designed just the right thickness so your coffee drink isn’t too hot when you order those surface-of-the-sun drinks, but also warm enough when you order a white girl latte just to keep your hands warm in the winter.


These sleeves are reusable, and fit a 16oz reusable coffee mug.